Diverse personas

A research initiative for diversity in UX Personas


Started in 2023 by Marie Kuter, a UX Consultant in Geneva (Switzerland), the Diverse Personas study focuses on avatars selected by designers and business analysts to illustrate personas. 



 May 2023  
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A bit of context

What are personas?

Personas are fictional characters used in design to represent users and ensure a user-centric approach throughout a project. They traditionnally feature information like name, age, avatar, pain-points, expectations, etc. 

Why focus on persona avatars?

Avatars are a major element of personas representation: as they are visual they tend to attract attention, and they often occupy a lot of space on the persona format. They are a visual way to convey emotion and allow to build empathy with the users they represent. 

Though, selecting one single avatar to represent a large audience of users presents many challenges and can induce biases. If a persona is represented with a realistic picture of a European man in his 40's, how can designers keep in mind to also design for an Asian woman in her 70's? 


Our core question

How might we facilitate inclusive design by reducing the risk of biases induced by the selection of one single avatar to represent a persona?


Do selected persona avatars actually reflect biases (in 4 categories: gender, age, skin color, handicap)?


Does the choice of persona avatars limit inclusive design?


If 1 and 2 are true, then what could be done to avoid or limit these biases and ensure inclusive design (if any)?

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About me

Marie Kuter is a senior UX Consultant based in Geneva (Switzerland.) 

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